She’s so adorable… I just couldn’t stop clicking!

Actually I just wanted to put some food-photos on my blog (we enjoyed a brunch with some friends – yum) , but then… SHE came along!
Noa is about 10 days old and got her beauty of her mum and a true rockstar as daddy.
She’s as sweet as honey and perfect and pretty.

Well… hope, she won’t know me as „Joanna, the girl with the big black thing in her face“ 😉 – but… who could NOT fall in love with her? I couldn’t help.
Really, who could resist this cute little face?
Certainly not me!!!

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    white living
    27. April 2009 at 14:14

    Was fĂŒr ein sĂŒĂŸes Baby, da hĂ€tte ich auch nicht aufhören können zu knipsen. Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Das Bild wo sie gÀhnt ist am schönsten.

    KĂŒsse Bianca

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